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Our ProductsUpdated 8 months ago

It's about reducing the impact of everything we do make. These are the things we are focusing on and making incremental improvements whenever we can:

  1. Materials + processes we use (considering whether they're renewable, the carbon emissions to produce the fibres, waste and biodegradability, water, toxins)
  2. Carbon emissions from the production and transportation of each product
  3. End of life — biodegradability or reusability

The majority of our leggings are made using recycled polyamide - this includes our seamless products as well as some of the other ranges. Our seamless styles that are not recycled, are made with biodegradable polyamide, some of which are blended with GOTS-certified organic cotton. We also use many natural and technical yarns including merino, tencel, seacell and bamboo.

We only use 2 polyamide/polyester fabrics that are not currently recycled — due to the fact that recycled fibres are not currently fine enough to create the same fabric, feel and wear on the body. We are working on this with our suppliers and the technology and potential of recycled fibres is getting better all the time.

Reducing our impact on the environment impacts the decisions we make daily. It is absolutely key for us that we're making these choices based on things that will genuinely have the biggest impact on the environment and are not just popular, marketing-savvy initiatives. So, we are currently underway with a project to track the full supply chain and environmental impact of each product. 

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