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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Want to know how we care for the planet? Discover our sustainable practices here.

What are your sustainability policies?

We believe the biggest issue with the clothing industry is over production and the disposable nature of buying habits. Our number 1 aim is to ensure our products last, in style and quality, and extend their lifespan (and love-span) as long as possibl

Our Products

It's about reducing the impact of everything we do make. These are the things we are focusing on and making incremental improvements whenever we can:. The majority of our leggings are made using recycled polyamide - this includes our seamless product


We have a similar focus on our packaging: Less but better, reducing the impact of what we use. We are working on eliminating garment poly bags (the ones we do use are recycled and recyclable, or biodegradable). Some styles already ship to our warehou